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Shear strength of HuckBolts

vary according to the material strength and diameter of the fastener. By increasing the diameter or the grade of material, the shear strength of the fastener can be increased.

The tensile strength of HuckBolts

is dependent on the shear resistance of the collar material and the number of grooves it fills.

Huck Lock Bolts

Huck Lock Bolt

The two-part fastening system, comprising bolt and collar, makes possible installation within seconds, with a simple and immediate visual check. The collar is swaged into the grooves in the bolt, which ensures a permanent and vibration-resistant connection.

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Huck Blind Fasteners

Huck Blind Fasteners

When only one side of the joint material is accessible, performance-engineered Huck blind fasteners are the smart choice. Each Huck blind fastener carries its own unique set of features, making it ideal for specific applications. And Huck blind fasteners, as a whole, lead the industry in shear and tensile strength.

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Huck Tooling Systems

Huck Tooling System

Assembly tools included in range Engineered for a wide range of applications, HuckLockbolts deliver superior joining strength, shear, and tensile strength for an unmatched fastening solution.

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Huck Hydraulic Tools

How LockBolts Work

Huck Lockbolts provide direct metal-to-metal contact when installed, which eliminates the transverse vibration often found in conventional nuts and bolts. Huck lockbolt technology works on a different principle to regular bolting, where instead of a threaded nut, a cylindrical ‘collar’ with a smooth internal bore is used. The collar is placed over a pin with locking grooves that follows the form of annular grooves. During installation this collar is mechanically ‘swaged’ permanently with an installation tool.

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Uses of Huck

Huck fasteners are used in many industrial markets including:

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